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Favorite Series

I already wrote a review for when the show first started and honestly my opinion has not changed. I loved the books, read them when they first came out, and I had high hopes for this show. I knew it wouldn't be exactly like the books (nothing ever is), but I thought it would at least be good enough. I understand that if you haven't read the books then it would be an okay show, but it is not going as Cassie had put it to be. I mean where did this Lydia Branwell come from, she wasn't in the books
Once Upon a Time
I thought yesterday's episode was absolutely amazing, it made me cry so much. Although I didn't get to see more of the characters I wanted to it was still incredible.
I was really excited for the Shadowhunters series, I knew it wasn't going to be exactly like the books but I still had hopes. Unfortunately, what has happend so far was not good in my opinion. Clary and Jace don't have any chemistry, and the way the story is going just doesn't go with the books at all. To be honest, the movie cast was way better that this one.
Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 4
this episode was truley the best in my opinion i love how had so much detail i think all of the episodes should be like this one i love this one so much i watched it 1000 times and i am going to watch it again i love it and i always will
Scream Queens
i love this show it is perfect i love it so much i cant stop saying that i love it lol
Bad Judge
I can not believe all the bad reviews this show has. I thought it was amazing, Kate Walsh's character was great and so was the story line. It had a really nice ending, not a huge clifthanger (maybe why it was canceled), but in my opinion it was an amazing 13 episodes.
I love the pilot, but I would really like to know when episode 2 will be coming out.
Doctor Who
The all time best show ever.
Once Upon a Time