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Living & Working out of Gainesville Florida as a Mobile Web developer for a software company working on fortune 500/100 web/mobile applications.

Favorite Series
Guys! grow up! Look at yourselves! Name calling, and arguing on a website's TV Show review system. I cannot visit this website without seeing you guys arguing like little children. Name calling really? Try being mature for once and go watch something else!
You just had to go out of your way to be a freakin' douche bag leah778 - Everyone hates people like you.
America's Got Talent Season 11 Episode 17
This can't be real, this is a live show that hasn't even happened yet lol... Okay, out of curiosity, I just checked for you guys, don't waste your time with these links right now people, check back later tonight. These links are all for the previous episode (Season 11 - Episode 16), this is not the new episode (#17) that air tonight (being taped live right about now)
I hate you Batelmaliach, nice spoiler.
The Shannara Chronicles
what is with you guys? this is a great show!
The Shannara Chronicles
This is easily one of my favorite new TV series, I get excited every time aa new episode is released. So it is definitely good enough to keep me engaged with the storyline.
The Shannara Chronicles
This has been amazing so far, can't wait for the next episode to air!
The 100
boring? I love this show and think it is pretty entertaining, makes me excited for the next episode.