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im a bear that loves the vampire diaries ●ᴥ●

Favorite Series
That '70s Show
Love this series so much! all the chracters in it are great! my favourite is by far steven.
Under the Dome
Is a very good tv series. Different to the types of things i usually watch but its great.
Under the Dome
I started watching season 1 last year and it was so good. i thought it was cancelled until now! cant wait to watch the next few seasons!
Teen Wolf
Its a good series, my favorite season was by far season 1. I have to catch up on a few episodes and hopefully they are good. The character are good i'm just not very emotionally attached unlike other tv series.
Scream Queens
Really good series so far, cant wait for episode 4 to air.
This tv series is amazing. I got very attached to each of these charcter. (i had a love and hate kind of thing with victoria). Emily/amber is my favourite she is amazing, i also love jack and nolen. such a great series, there needs to be another.
Pretty Little Liars
once of the best tv shows out there, cant wait for episode 11 season 6 to come out! its going to be great,
The 100
Such a good tv series. Very gripping and the characters are amazing!
Orange Is the New Black
Really good tv show, love all the characters. Wouldn't recommend for younger people, or if your watching this with your parents. Its very annoying though that it comes out a season a year.
The Walking Dead
LOVE THIS SHOW, love the jump scares through out the seasons! Lots of gore but not to much which is good. and i got very attached to many of charcters. espieclly rick for me.
Fear the Walking Dead
the first 6 episodes are great so far! hopefully it stays as good as it is going now. im glad its not exactly like the walking dead, even though i love that to. hopefully the chracters will become more interesting in the season.
The Vampire Diaries
I love this tv series sm! its my deffint favourite!