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  • 35% Drama
  • 10% Fantasy
  • 10% Action
  • 9% Sci-Fi
  • 6% Crime
  • 6% Adventure
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Favorite Series
Was initially drawn into watching this after looking at the cast. First impressions are positive and see alot of promise in this series. I recommend you give it a try. 7/10 but will re-score given time.
Mr. Robot
Mr.Robot excels on so many levels and for me is one of the standout series' of 2015. From never-ending plot twists to simply genius scripting and character depth - being able to relate to Elliot, the main character on so many levels.
This is by far my favorite show at the moment and it has really grown on me as I continue to watch through it. Although it is historically inaccurate there are so many positives to take out of this show. The characters are portrayed very well and the acting is A-Class with fantastic scripting and breathtaking scenes. This is one of the very few shows that gets my 10/10 Rating.
Second Chance (2016)
This was recommended to me by my girlfriend and I must say that It exceeds my expectations. Fresh Idea and a great storyline has definitely caught my interest therefore I shall continue watching it as it.
The Shannara Chronicles
After watching the first few episodes my interest has slowly lacked in this show. I've really tried to get into it as I have been wanting a good fantasy show since Game of Thrones but I'm left bitterly dissapointed.