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I Have This Feeling. I'm Going to Have a Really Good Day Today - Cit Capheus / Sense8

Favorite Series
The Big Bang Theory
Best Comedy show!! It's cool also because of the contents, like science and videogames, which everyone likes
Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 2
Such a great episode! Really a wonderful transition between the present and the past!
Spectacular! Watch it if you're looking for a police and an awesome real story. I like how police point of view works, with this rude type of working and of course Pablo's actor is so good! Such a great character, especially in his everyday life, his smallest gesture. Sometimes the mix of photography and soundtrack results admirable, with low and punctuated tracks. I recommend it to everybody
Under the Dome
Awesome Tv Show... Both Mysterious and Attracting... And the more you watch it, the more you want to continue. I like how the dome appears like a sort of God, something weird, even for science, of course this until 2nd season, then it gets more interesting when thye start getting all the pieces of the puzzle together... Really an amazing Show, Watch It, or The Dome will cover your Town,too!
The Walking Dead
Awesome Tv Shows ! The best of its kind. Even if zombies are the main enemies, alternated with humans, we're at the 7th season and it's still so interesting and i can't wait for new season to come !
The Man in the High Castle
Intriguing story with such goods actors... I really love the idea of setting it in an alternative past, especially if it's so interesting
The Shannara Chronicles
Watch it if you really enjoy fantasy stories, it's done pretty well with this stuff, but storyline sometimes doesn't take sense and some dialogues sometimes appear childish... But actually a nice show
Mr. Robot
One of the best shows filmed in our era... awesome concept and fantastic actors